A series of captures combining Shakespeare, Symbolism & Preraphaelite with Ester Miglio

A Siren's Call

'Come and join the Blue World',
Where dry Ground meets the Sea

Just follow the Shining Lights,
And suddenly she just Disappear

Her beauty is known far Beyond,
She's one of the Naiads, a Siren

And at Night she Steals your Heart,
Soon it's Dark and thou shall Fall

For each and all are Mortal,
Like the Flowers you pick will Dry

Look how a Bright Star shoots from the Sky,
Opens the Floodgate of Rain

And thou Shall Breathe again....

Ester Miglio

Ester Miglio

The Nightmare

The Nightmare

And yet another Night has Come,
Where she Lays her head to Rest
Soon the sands of Sleep will be Upon her,
But the Night turns into a Mare

A Forest dark, full of Fern,
The Call of the Owls is Heard
Her Bed turns into a Sacrifice Stone,
Her Body twisting and turning

As if by Ghosts surrounded, and upon her,
But yet when she Wakes up again
She Cries and Shouts;
'I want to dream again'

All the World is a Stage,
And all Men and Women merely Players,
They have their Exits and their Entrances

The Tempest

In this Dark part of the Forest,
The Storm raging, Pounding within

This Shining Dagger before her,
Does she Wait for the One to Come?

A Fierce look and Burning Cheeks,
Red Lips and the Symbol of Trinity

A plan already Swirling in her Mind,
Her Eyes tell the Story

Alas, we shall never Know,
What happened in this Dark part of the Woods